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      • admin2 says:

        Yep! Polk is a natural for Bay Area Bike Share Stations. Here’s why:

        Polk is the major cycling connector between popular destinations in the north and south for both locals and visitors. Polk could complete the cycling loop formed by Market, The Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ft. Mason access to Chrissy Field, the CA Cable Car and/or Civic Center, thence back to Market. Polk is also criss-crossed by several transit lines.

        We’ve heard that the City will prioritize neighborhoods that want them most, so we’re working on private seed money to match crowd-funding for stations. Which companies do you think would LOVE to sponsor stations? The spacing of stations should be no more than 3 blocks. given the cross traffic, where would you put them?

      • admin2 says:

        Hey, Tami –
        Nice to see you here!
        B’way is one of the less safe intersections and is definitely on the radar for redesign.

        Take a look at this re. trees: http://www.folksforpolk.org/streets/?page_id=128
        And there’s a bit of a problem with street trees and probably why we don’t have more: They have to be cared for. In SF, that’s the fronting building owner who’s often offsite so it falls to the business owner for whom the time and expense might be difficult.

        Can you think of new ways to get more trees on Polk?

    1. david curiel serret says:

      Designated delivery areas on side adjacent side streets.
      Restricted delivery schedules. Perhaps all deliveries should be made at night.

      Absolutely no double parking. Absolutely no parking on the bike lane.

      Separated bike lanes.

      Focusing on preventing car invading the bike lane when trying to pass a car that is waiting to turn left.

      • admin2 says:

        Great ideas, David! The current plan includes loading hours limited to early mornings on alternate days from street cleaning.

    2. Ziggy Tomcich says:

      Why aren’t we considering any Dutch designs for cycling intersections along Polk Street?
      The major problem with the current redesigns on Polk street is that it doesn’t account for turning vehicles or Taxis. Every weekend evening traffic along Polk street becomes gridlocked due to Taxis double parking.

      We need a separated bicycle lane with turning lanes for cars.


      • admin2 says:

        Hey, Ziggy Thanks for contributing – we added your link to our resources page. Check out the other resources on the page, too:
        http://www.folksforpolk.org/streets/?page_id=133" title="Cycling Infrastructure Resources" target="_blank"> http://www.folksforpolk.org/streets/?page_id=133

        You’re clearly well-versed in infrastructure and we’d love to hear more of your favorite ideas.
        Do come to our two tech/urban design parties that we’re hosting w/ the Bike Coalition next w/e. Get deets and RSVP here: http://bit.ly/ParTz
        And do spread the word about SVC – the City wants to know what people want, and we’re working to make that happen.

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